What you can expect at our first session:



Thank-you for coming in! OR Thanks for inviting me in! We are mobile after all! I'll probably ask you how you are feeling and how I can help you. I am doing this to begin to get an idea for any possible ailments and to get an idea about what your goals may be. There are some forms on the "rates" page that you can fill out. This will save us some time, as we have a lot to do!

Friendly Fitness Assessment

The structure of the assessment is straightforward. We take blood pressure and resting heart rate. If you want and if it is in alignment with your goals, we can take measurements. I will take a waist girth measurement to rule out cardiovascular risk factors.

Meet the Muscles: Trigenics and You

I will analyze your posture and positioning throughout various movements. I will test all necessary musculature for length and strength(using break test- Trigenics Myoneural treatment protocol). This is what sets us apart and lets us better understand your body. By this time we know about potential musculoskeletal imbalances so we can  avoid injury.

How's the Heart?

Then,through the use of a heart rate monitor, we will test your cardiovascular system with a graded exercise or submax threshold test. You will know your training heart rate ranges. You will begin to understand the importance of recovery.


The Final Frontier:

What is Health?


Health is MORE than a state of total physical, emotional and social well being. It is the ability to live your dreams!
During part of our time together we will discuss your goals, lifestyle and we will discuss your dreams. We have an ongoing and specific interview process that will help us get to the heart of what you should eat, how you should train, when you should rest and how you should breathe. Whether you would like to fix an old injury, excel at a sport, shed a few pounds, get strong or build muscle it is our desire to help you live your dreams in total health. Without limits.


Optimal Performance, Without Limits

Personal Trainer and Mobile Fitness In Vancouver

I am Ryan Booth, your Personal Trainer for Vancouver and owner of Reciprocal Innervations Personal Training. We are Vancouver's premier one-stop-shop for to-your-door fitness and post injury rehabilitation. Our trainers have advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. We employ the most effective assessment and training procedures to make sure that YOU RECIEVE THE QUALITY OF CARE AND THE RESULTS RELEVANT TO YOU!

What makes us different?

We understand that everyone is different. What works for one person may not be right for someone else. Yet so many so-called health care products and systems seem to push a one size fits all approach. The health care industry is built upon false claims and useless products. This perpetuates a multi-billion dollar industry, kept afloat by consumers who have not yet begun to reverse the lethal health concerns that bring them to these useless products in the first place!

It is our mission in life to search through the data and the piles of products, services and gimmicks, to debunk the useless, and bring you the truth. From the most effective training methods specific to you, to your nutrition and supplementation requirements WE ARE EXPERTS IN YOUR PHYSIOLOGY. As such, we are able to bring you real results in the fastest time, with the lowest risk.

Ryan Booth

We are different.

We have been certified personal trainers educating ourselves and our clients for more than 17 years. We have trained people from every walk of life from the elite athlete to people in their third age to actors for the screen. Our methods are tested and true and specifically designed for you!

A multifaceted, no nonsense approach to achieving the goals of your holistic self. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will personally make it my mission to see those questions are answered.

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