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Hey group! Thanks for being part of this! We appreciate your support!

I need to tell you about Kyla.

She just completed her first 10k. And she did it in an hour flat!

I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to run for ten kms. Let alone to do it with fifty thousand others trampling your toes in the Vancouver Sun Run. Throw in a bit of stitches, and you are in for a long morning!
However, Kyla’s determination was exemplary.

And to top it off her waist girth is down about 3.5 inches and her blood pressure is completly under control!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kyla makes my job easy!

yours in fitness,





Hi folks!

I like to give credit where it due and wanted to tell you all about group member, Gabrielle.

This is one hard working woman who made the decision to include more activity and better diet into her life.

I am proud to say that in the last three months Gabrielle has lost five inches on her waist and hips. More importantly, she has reduced her resting heart rate by 15 beats per minute and even reduced her blood pressure(diastoli) by 17!

Gabrielle accomplished this in spite of 70hr work weeks in one of the most competitive businesses. She is a chef!(irony!)

Gabrielle was able to accomplish these results with one session a week, without any supplements nor products. We only employed the latest in science concerning diet and exercise. AND (here’s the fun part): WE USED SUSTAINABLE CHANGES THAT WERE EASY TO BEGIN AND ARE EASY TO MAINTAIN!

Ask me how we can do the same for you! (shameless lil’ marketing indulgence… won’t happen again;)

Thanks to you all for being a part of this group. I am grateful that you all that you have made “Reciprocal Innervations” such a competitive force!

We are experts in your physiology.

If you liked this message, please invite a friend to join!

yours in fitness,


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