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Fat loss is 90% Diet, Stress Reduction and Detoxification

The Ryan Files

I'll state this in the spirit of truth and at the risk of talking myself out of a sale: You don't have to work out to lose fat and be healthy. Working out helps, but far more important to stop eating the foods and absorbing the chemicals that contribute to the problem. Far more important still to reduce the stress.
Consider that it takes the average Joe 20 minutes of fast running to burn the equivalent calories in one chocolate chip cookie. Now ask yourself, "whens the last time I ate just one chocolate chip cookie?" If you're like me, the answer is .... never. The idea that one can purge ones self of indulgences while in the gym has long been looked down upon. However, when one considers just how hard it is to burn off one cheat meal, one begins to develop and appreciation for just how wrong our calories in, calories out model has become.
If one can be reasonably sure that maximal fat oxidation(the point at which one burns the most fat during aerobic exercise) happens between 60 and 80% of maximal heart rate,(source) and one is able to stay in this zone for 30 minutes and burn say 275 calories, AND NOT THEN EAT MORE THAT DAY, then congrats! You've achieved caloric deficit. Now keep in mind that so called experts say that there is the equivalent of 3500 calories in a pound of stored fat. So one would presumably have to run for 30 minutes at 80%HR max for 13 days to burn off a pound of adipose(fat) tissue.
Now understand that prolonged aerobic activity reduces anabolic hormones like testosterone(source) and growth hormone.
HGH" The impact of chronic exercise training on the EIGR remains equivocal. Recent evidence suggests that endurance training results in decreased resting HGH and a blunted EIGR, which may be linked to an increased tissue sensitivity to HGH."(source)
Aerobic activity also increases cortisol levels and oxidative stress.
"...the present findings give credence to the hypothesis suggesting a linkage between the low resting testosterone found in endurance-trained runners and stress hormones, with respect to cortisol."(source)
Also it reduces myofibril hypertrophy, and has been proven to increase appetite. So just how good can aerobic activity be for fat loss? The answer: Not very.
So whats the answer? Run faster for an hour? Two?
Everyone knows the treadmill guys or girls. The ones who are diligently at the gym running like mad for an hour a day. Some of these people are able to also change their diets and keep it up for a few weeks and affect change. However many, most, aren't. In fact I'd go as far as to say that most people who adapt this form of training do not change at much at all. Look around and tell me if you agree.
-Ryan Booth

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